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Phobias, anxieties and mood-management

Whether you're suffering from a diagnosed behavioural or clinical condition, or feel for yourself that you would like assistance with mood and fear-related issues, I can offer wide experience and services to help you.

If your phobia is affecting your life or relationship then it's time to seek professional help to support you in moving beyond those fears. I understand the traumas that can be behind many phobias and fear-related issues - from emotional phobias, such as panic attacks, to physical fears, such as heights, spiders and flying.

Don't forget, I can also come to you, so if agoraphobia or travel are issues for you, I can be there to help you.

Phobia management

From anger management to anxiety, confidence crisis to clinical issues, I can offer:

•  Individual sessions to identify and explore issues.

•  Targeted sessions to help you to develop self-management strategies.

•  On-going professional support.

Contact me in confidence. Even if you don't feel fully ready to discuss your needs or difficulties, my expert counselling can still help you.

Mood-related counselling

No obligation interventions

- services available as and when needed.

For professional counselling call today on

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Your counselling...

... your control.

There's never any obligation to sign up to long courses of therapy.


I offer one-off sessions and on-going sessions, for as long or short a time as you want or need.

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