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Talking it through with professional relationship counselling

Relationships can be wonderful but can also be fraught with problems that sometimes you just can't see a way through when you're caught in the middle of them. Often an independent, professional relationship counselling service can help couples through their issues with an increased chance of positive, amicable outcomes.

Every couple is different and my services are tailored to meet the needs of every couple, as individuals and as the unique pair they are:

•  Couples counselling, for relationship and emotional issues.

•  Couples therapy, to explore, air and repair relationship problems.

•  Separation counselling, to help reach amicable solutions.

•  Divorce counselling, offered both to individuals and couples.

Different couples, different relationships

Where emotional issues lie at the heart of relationship problems, I can also offer help, advice and professional support to help address these too.  My professional services such as:

•  Anger management

•  Feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and stress management

•  Confidence and self-esteem support

... can all help to support your efforts to improve your relationship.

Support at the emotional end too

Home appointments, workplace sessions and sessions at Hockley Stress Counselling premises offered, for your convenience

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Family services too

If your relationship problems are affecting the rest of your family, I can offer family work to help support you all.

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